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10% of our proceeds go towards providing free defense & mental health workshops for the community


Keona's Defense Shop directs 10% of all product sales toward offering FREE community workshops throughout the Bay Area. We teach women and youth how to cultivate situational awareness, promote mental health care for all and break generational cycles of violence.

Thank you for supporting our business. We value your contributions to our community.


"When I have my gear my inner bitch be like “I wish a muddafucka would!"

Author's name - @urban.nostalgico

"Seriously, thank you! A piece of mind is priceless. Appreciate what you do!"



"It's painful and so infuriating seeing the women and femmes in our communities being brutalized, attacked and killed right now and at a more consistent rate. I want all of us to be armed and protected, ready to cut up, beat up and knock down any white supremacist or man who dares to harm us. Shout out to Keona's Defense Shop - they have some dope products for self defense. I got an extra key and pepper spray. If you have an elder or fam member who needs it this, please please hit me up!"


"Got my safety goods! Pepper Spray & Tactical Pen! I also ordered a pink mini LED stun gun keychain that I gave to my mom since she goes on solo walks almost daily. Ya'know, as protection, since the trend is to attack older Asian people right now. Showed her how to use it - did test it (duh-of course) - but shit sounded like it'll pack a double punch to anyone who messes with her.

Don't fck with me. And don't fk with my mommy!" -



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