SUICIDE AWARENESS MONTH: A Thought on Suicide Prevention & Safety

Content Warning: Sexual Assault, Suicide, White Men

I am not going to tell you a story about how I tried to take pills when I was a teen. Or when I ran a plastic knife up my arms one night just to see the scratches because I was too chicken shit to use a real knife.

I won't tell you about the way women feel after being sexually violated and how we are often not even considered a statistic when it comes to suicide statistics. We are overshadowed by the myth that in the U.S. it is young white males who commit suicide at the highest rates.

We should be concerned, they say.

These statistics are gathered by institutions built and run by white males. I am not concerned about them.

I am concerned about the thousands more women of color who have experienced sexual abuse at any level and hold that shame within their bodies to the point where we want to kill ourselves.

Maybe we don't die by suicide more than white men do. Maybe we just live with the same suicidal thoughts and have suicidal behaviors and then the reason we don't die is because we want to live.


I wonder if this world were a little less violent towards women if the statistics on deaths by suicide would be any different. 

Any thoughts?

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