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About the Shop

Keona's Knuckle Shop supports all survivors of sexual violence. We carry multifunctional self defense accessories and tactical tools that are intended to support women in feeling safe wherever we go.

Our mission is to confront a hyper-masculine society that uses sexuality as a weapon & dehumanizes the women's community.  We believe that it is every woman's right to arm themselves, to be free of unwanted advances and to have 100% autonomy over their bodies and lives.

We are a woman of color owned & family run business. A portion of our sales goes directly to non-profit organizations and community groups that provide services to women & children and survivors of sexual violence.

We believe that Black Lives Matter; support the Land Back movement for Indigenous Sovereignty; welcome the LGBTQIA+ Community and affirm our Transgender brothers & sisters.

Thank you for visiting our shop! If you have any ?s please feel free to contact us at keonasknuckles@gmail.com