Bad Kitty Women's Self Defense Set

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Knuckle keychains are the newest trend in women's self defense accessories. It is a simple way for women to discreetly stay protected on the go!


Whether you're getting together for a night out on the town with friends or simply headed out to run errands, it's a good idea to have a defense keychain set in your purse just in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation.  The combo of sharp tips from the knuckle keychain and the sting of pepper spray can pierce and prevent an attacker from causing you serious injuries.

Each Set Includes:

  • One Bad Kitty Knuckle Keychain made from hard nylon fiber material
  • One 1/2 oz  Pepper Spray with Leather case
  • Please choose color: All black or all pink, no substitutions

Specifications for Bad Kitty Knuckle Keychain:

  • Made with hard nylon plastic material & sharp point kitty ears
  • Includes keyring to attach accessory to keychain, purse of wallet

How to use Knuckle Keychain:

  • Place middle and ring finger into knuckle holes
  • Use sharp point kitty ears to pierce an attacker in fleshy areas of the body (inner thigh, stomach, hand, etc) or eyes.

Specifications for Pepper Spray:

  • Pepper spray comes in a leather case and keyring for easy carry on keychain, purse or back pack
  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum formula with UV identifying dye to mark your attacker
  • 16 foot range with a capacity for 25 bursts in each spray bottle
  • Powerful pressurized stream for optimum efficiency without blowback.
  • Available in multiple colors

How to Use Pepper Spray:

  • Take pepper spray out of leather case and place in the palm of your hand with finger wrapped around spray tube
  • Use thumb to turn on red actuator in a counter clockwise motion
  • Press red actuator down to discharge pepper spray in short one second bursts
  • Direct the spray towards your attackers eyes and nose

Get a women's defense keychain set and get home safe!