Keona's Stun Gun & Spice Set

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The look of a women's self defense accessory should match the style and personality of its owner.

Our Everyday Hustle Small Power Stun Gun is a self defense accessory duo that can that meets all of your personal security needs.  With the EEveryday Hustle Mini LED Stun Gun & Pepper Spray Set, you'll be able to protect yourself with high powered electric voltage & a sharp spray of spice.


Each Set Includes:

  • One high powered Everyday Hustle Mine LED Stun Gun 
  • One 1/2 oz  Pepper Spray with Leather case
  • Please choose color for Everyday Hustle Mine LED Stun Gun LED Stun Gun+ Pepper Spray is in black case only.

Specifications for Mini LED Stun Gun Keychain:

  • Small wire keyring to attach to your daily keychain set
  • Mini flashlight function perfect for night walks. Press the white button to engage.
  • ON/OFF safety switch.  It is a small white tab on the bottom of the electric device.
  • Available in matte-glitter finish: Gold, Pink, Blue, Red and Black

How to use Mini LED Stun Gun:

  • Disengage the safety to turn on the stun gun.
  • Slide the tab up the device to spark the stun gun in the event of an assault.
  • Firmly press the engage stun gun onto an attackers skin. Target body parts are the hand (where the thumb meets the pointer finger), the inner thigh and the side of the neck near the carotid or any fleshy part of the body that is easily accessible to you.

Specifications for Pepper Spray:

  • Pepper spray comes in a leather case and keyring for easy carry on keychain, purse or back pack
  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum formula with UV identifying dye to mark your attacker
  • 16 foot range with a capacity for 25 bursts in each spray bottle
  • Powerful pressurized stream for optimum efficiency without blowback.

How to Use Pepper Spray:

  • Take pepper spray out of leather case and place in the palm of your hand with finger wrapped around spray tube
  • Use thumb to turn on red actuator in a counter clockwise motion
  • Press red actuator down to discharge pepper spray in short one second bursts
  • Direct the spray towards your attackers eyes and nose

Get a women's defense keychain set and get home safe!