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We make sets for kids! Each set is appropriate for kids 12+ with parents approval to purchase.




Parents and adults, please ensure that you go over the safety issues with any products in this set. Remind your child that a defense accessory is only for safety and should not be used in situations where they are not being actively assaulted by another person. Sets should be kept in backpacks or otherwise hidden when in public, especially in school. There is a high likelihood that sets will be confiscated if used in appropriately.


Each Set Includes:

  • One Knuckle Keychain (Spade, Bully, Bad Kitty or Skull)
  • One Black Mini Baton (not pictured)
  • One Black or Pink 1/2 oz Pepper Spray

Specifications for Knuckle Keychain:

  • Made with hard nylon plastic material & sharp point spade tip
  • Includes keyring to attach accessory to keychain, purse of wallet

How to use Knuckle Keychain:

  • Hold spade at the base of the spade
  • Use sharp point spade to pierce an attacker in fleshy areas of the body (inner thigh, stomach, hand, etc) or eyes.

Specifications for Pepper Spray:

  • Pepper spray comes in a hard case with keyring for easy carry on keychain, purse or back pack
  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum formula with UV identifying dye to mark your attacker
  • 16 foot range with a capacity for 25 bursts in each spray bottle
  • Powerful pressurized stream for optimum efficiency without blowback.
  • Available in multiple colors

How to Use Pepper Spray:

  • Take pepper spray out of leather case and place in the palm of your hand with finger wrapped around spray tube
  • Use thumb to turn on red actuator in a counter clockwise motion
  • Press red actuator down to discharge pepper spray in short one second bursts
  • Direct the spray towards your attackers eyes and nose

Get a women's defense keychain set and get home safe!