Jessamyn 3-in-1 Emergency Blade

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Since its inception, ride share companies like Uber & Lyft have been plagued with complaints of women being attacked and sexually harassed during transport.  Make sure your ride goes smooth with one of our 3-in-1 Emergency Blades.

The Jessamyn 3-in-1 Emergency Blade is a compact simple pocket knife that offers 3 tactical functions: 1) a sharp blade for cutting 2) a glass breaker tip and 3) seatbelt cutter for escaping dangerous situations in a car, plane or other moving vehicle.


    • Smooth and quick spring-assisted opening and close function
    • Stainless Steel Rainbow or Silver Blade 
    • Full Aluminum Handle & Pocket Clip
    • Powerful glass breaker tip at the end of the handle
    • Seat belt cutter for emergency escapes 
    • Overall Length 6.5" inches; Blade Length 2.5" inches
    • Available in Iridescent Rainbow, Black and Silver