Everyday Hustle Knuckle Ring Stun Gun

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Do you carry a women's self defense accessory with you when you go out on your morning jogs or evening after dinner walks?

The Everyday Hustle Knuckle Ring Stun Gun is a perfect companion for casual stroll and long distance runs. It is one of our most compact stun guns and fits perfectly in your hand.


  • 230million electric volt delivers a strong shock to an assailant 
  • Soft-touch outer shell made from sturdy material
  • Small and lightweight with a comfortable grip
  • Rechargeable via USB power cord - included in the kit
  • Includes nylon sheath for convenient access while jogging or on a stroll
  • Comes in 4 styles: Purple. Pink, Black and Zebra print.

How to use:

  • Charge the stun gun with the USB power cord
  • Slip your fingers through the knuckle ring,
  • Disengage the sliding safety and
  • Press the red button within the ring to send a shock into the world.