Stiletto Series Diamond Defense Stun Gun

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Walk around like your hard as a diamond with this powerful women's defense accessory!

More than just a defector, our Stiletto Series Diamond Defense Stun Gun is a guaranteed protector to safeguard your family, your home and everything you love.


  • High powered voltage strong enough to stop an attack
  • Dual head electric stun output located on the outer knuckle
  • Removable end spikes and glass breaker tips
  • Bright LED flashlight useful for shining in a person's eyes or lighting up a dark corner
  • Includes a nylon holster with belt loop for easy carrying
  • Safety switch to prevent accidental discharge
  • Rechargeable battery and USB cable included

 How to use:

  • Hold the stun gun with your dominant hand
  • Disengage safety switch
  • Utilize a hammer strike motion when using as a blunt object to hit your attacker
  • Hold the electric stun nodes against your attacker, preferably in fleshy areas of the body like the inner thigh, stomach, armpit or neck where there is a lot of nerves