Spiked Stun Gun

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The Stiletto Series Spiked Stun Gun means business. 

With three hot safety functions, the Arya is the perfect self defense accessory to show people that you don't play nice when it comes to your safety.  


  • Over 10 Million Volts of electricity for high-powered shocks
  • Ergonomic handheld design that is comfortable to grip
  • Bright LED flashlight for increased visibility
  • Metal Kubaton Screw Top with built in Blue Ink Pen
  • Rechargeable battery with wall plug-in cord
  • Nylon sheath w/ belt loop included
  • Easy To Use On/Off Button

How to use:

  • Charge stun gun using wall plug in
  • Find the two silver electric nodes (DO NOT PUT YOUR HAND THERE.)
  • Curl palm around the body of the stun gun with a hammer grip
  • Slide the safety upward and press on the button at the top end of stun gun to engage the electric current.
  • Hold the stun gun up to your attackers skin to send electric current
  • Use the spiked tip to fight people off or to break through glass for a quick escape.
  • Unscrew spiked tip for hidden pen