Everyday Hustle Steel Tactical Pen

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This is the only tactical tool I've been able to safely get across airport security in a carry-on bag.

The Everyday Hustle Steel Tactical Pen is a discreet and multifunctional survival tool for all active and daring women. The heavy duty design is perfect for hikers, campers and busy city dwellers.

Product Specifications:

  • Made with durable aircraft-quality aluminum steel
  • A mixed groove and diamond cross grip for easy handling
  • A clip for storage on the side of a purse, backpack or belt clip.
  • Special hardened Carbide glass breaker tip to use in emergency escape situations.

How to Use:

  • Grip the pen with a hammer grips with the breaker tip at the butt of your fist.
  • Turn the body to close and open the pen


How to Use a Tactical Pen ---->> WATCH